Slip and fall accident. 

Slip and fall, as the name suggests, you slip and fall over something that results in damage to your body. 

How often have you slipped on a wet floor?

Have you ever fell over while walking because of a pothole or an unexpected element? 

Well, slip and fall are very common. So much that more than millions of cases are registered every year. But, a slip and fall accident must occur in someone else premises. Only then could you legally apply for a claim. It is important because the injuries may cost you thousands and, at times, even millions of dollars.

These accidents often result in painful medical conditions and sustained injuries. What may seem like a regular fall can affect your spine, your movements, and your body’s functioning. Most times, the pain starts with a minor ache but starts showing severe symptoms after weeks of injury. At times, the injuries may sustain for a lifetime hampering your everyday functions. 

Through this article, we will walk you through the potential injuries that a slip and fall accident may cause. Further, we would talk about the importance of chiropractic care for such accidents. 

To begin with, what are the causes of such accidents? 

Now, these accidents occur very randomly. No matter how hard you try, you cannot always be safe enough to avoid such accidents. However, most of the time, the cause of such accidents is someone else’s negligent behavior. Be it the owner of some grocery shop, the government not repairing local potholes, a factory owner, or any other proprietor owner. 

Here are a few common causes of slip and fall accidents. They include, 

  • Potholes.
  • Spilled liquids. 
  • Greased floors. 
  • Trash on the floor. 
  • Open cabinet drawers. 
  • Rough surfaces. 
  • Besides, accidents occur when someone slips over ice.
  • Defective tools that are given to construction or manual workers.
  • Improper Maintainance of dangerous tools. 
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes on a smooth surface. 
  • Further, poor lighting can also cause such accidents.

All in all, the reasons for slip and fall accidents can be many. You may never know when you would step out of the house and get in such an accident. 

What injuries do such accidents cause?

Now, there must be an instance when you would laugh off in embarrassment as you slip over a wet floor. You would let go of any minor inconvenience at that time. And at times, you might return to normal functions almost immediately. 

Now we aren’t saying that such accidents would occur in injuries always. But the chances are pretty high. And these injuries could be as distinct as follows,

  • Wounds. 

This is the most common of all the injuries. You would see minor cuts and abrasions, mostly on your hand, legs, or hip area during such accidents. Besides, there is also a chance of injuring your head in such accidents. The minor bruise would heal with time. However, the deep level cuts need to be addressed. It may cause severe infection, fractures, and at times even concussion. 

  • Injuries in ligaments and soft tissues

Your tissues and muscles are most sensitive to such falls. You may feel no pain at the time of injury. However, it is always advised to see a doctor or chiropractor that can analyze even the minutest injuries. These injuries aren’t visible on the outside. So don’t form a conclusion on your own.

From minor sprains to strains, muscle tear, and ligament tears, such injuries can result in long term chronic pain. 

  • Injuries in the spinal cord.

Spinal cord injuries cause a traffic jam in our neurological system. They are life-threatening. A minor slip and fall accident can cost you your life and its functioning from broken bones to compressed nerves.

  • Head injuries. 

A head injury can cause bleeding, swelling, internal injury, and even loss of consciousness. You should never let such injuries wade away. 

How does Chiropractic help treat such injuries?

Have you ever faced a situation where you start experiencing pain after weeks of an accident? Well, this is common as the internal injuries may take time to show its effects. However, beginning treatment at a later stage won’t only take more time to recover, but might also lead to a situation where surgery remains the only option. 

Now, when you visit Chiropractic immediately after such incidents, they analyze every possible injury that might affect your functions. For instance, when you slip on a floor, there are chances that your disc becomes unaligned. A chiropractor aligns the spine and improves the movement. If required, they would take the help of imaging tests to find faults. 

A slip and fall can cause disorders in the musculoskeletal system. It induces pain in the back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee region. They can also cause a numb tingling sensation in your nerve. A chiropractor is an expert at resolving such issues. 

Besides, they help identify unknown injuries. It becomes useful in claiming full treatment costs. All in all, they address the problem before they become severe. 

Conclusively, a holistic approach of Chiropractic is exceptional for slip and fall injuries. A chiropractor would restore your body movements by manipulating the spine, muscles, tendons, and ligaments through manual pressure.

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