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Hydromassage- A therapeutic healing

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage that feels too good to be painful? Hydromassage is. We all feel drained out at times and need to rejuvenate ourselves. Well, try-hard. But we bait, you won’t find something as good as a combination of water and massage. 

First things first, what is Hydromassage? 

Hydromassage, as the name suggests, is a water-centric massage.  It is an integral part of the Traditional medicine system and has evolved over the years. It is the therapeutic massage that uses water pressure to relieve pain.  That is to say, water pressure at a specific temperature massages muscles and soft tissues in the body. Comfortable pressure in pain points relieves pain and improves wellbeing. 

In short, it’s has been scientifically proven as a therapy to promote physical wellbeing. 

Evolution of Hydromassage.

It’s the most popular form of massage and is in use for centuries now. In fact, the use of water for healing activities is as old as the first century. Hydrotherapy traces its roots back to centuries in Greece. However, it was the Romans that introduced the benefits of bathing and massage with their public baths. 

Further, hydro massage was first suggested by Tobias Smith. He described the use of pumped water for treating various conditions. However, it was not until the 1960’s that hydromassage gained popularity. 

Today,  it is easily accessible in Malls, Gyms, Spa’s, etc. Wellness centers are offering it. And the demand is at an all-time high. 

What are the types of Hydromassage?

  • Traditional Hydromassage.

In this method, you need to immerse yourself in warm water. Pressurized water jets would then relieve stiffness and sore muscles. It’s like a rejuvenating therapy for your body. 

  • Dry Hydromassage. 

In this method, you won’t need to wet yourself. Instead, you would be lying down on a massaging bed or chair containing water-filled mattresses. The water jets underneath move along the pressure points of the body relieving comfortable pressure. Besides, you can feel the heat and pressure in your nerves without immersing in water. 

It is a non-invasive way of massage therapy that reduces pain and increases blood circulation. This variant of Hydromassage is often used in malls, gyms, kiosks, and wellness centers.

How does hydrotherapy relieve pain?

Don’t we all love a hot bath after a stressful long day? It is because water and heat is the best combination ever. It instantly soothes our nerves and uplifts our mood. 

Often after exercise, when our muscles are sore, we love immersing ourselves in a hot bath. Have you ever wondered why it is so relieving? Well, during work out, we continuously tear our muscle tissues. These muscles relive Lactic acid. Hence, when you take a warm shower, it breaks down the lactic acid and stops its buildup. Taking a shower ails muscle recovery by creating proper blood flow. Hence our body recovers. 

Similarly, hydromassage uses your body’s reaction to pressure, temperature, and sensation to relieve pain points. As simple as that. 

What is the significance of water temperature in hydromassage?

Hot water soothes and quiets down the body. When you are in pain or stress, chemical changes occur in our bodies. It increases our pulse rate and blood pressure. Hot water would slow down the process of stress reaction and would help us relax almost instantly. 

If you can’t avail of a hydromassage, even a hot shower would do wonders. 

Similarly, cold water facilitates rejuvenation. It stimulates the blood flow and internal activities of our body. It is great for achieving a relaxed state of mind. 

As they say, There’s hardly anything a splash of water cannot treat. “

What are the benefits of Hydromassage?

A traditional hydromassage has all the benefits of any usual massage but with the added benefits of water. It’s perfect for attaining the mental state of well being. Let’s understand the effects of hydromassage on our bodies. 

  • It helps relieves pressure in your joints.
  • Chair hydromassage can help relieve neck and back pain.
  • Further, it improves the circulation of blood in the body. 
  • It has been proven to reduce anxiety levels. 
  • It helps attain peace of mind.
  • Hydrotherapy helps with post-exercise relief.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • It helps treat stress headaches.
  • It can also treat athletic injury. 
  • Besides, it can also improve digestion. 
  • It influences the stress hormones and regulates them.
  • It relaxes muscle knots. 

Hydromassage is loaded with the perks of massage and water. However, it is better to consult your doctor before availing of this treatment. It is because hydromassage can be harmful to specific health conditions. 

What are the limitations of hydromassage?

  • There are chances of nerve injury if the pressure is too sensitive for you. 
  • Rashes from hot water. 
  • Old people may face health-related problems. Hence, doctor consultation is a must.
  • Don’t use this treatment with fractured bones. 
  • Minor bruises and blood clots, occasionally. 

All in all, you need to make cautious choices to avoid any severe injuries. 

To sum up,  this innovation-driven wellness approach is famous across the World. It’s therapeutic, enriching, and helps attain an overall sense of wellbeing. 



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