Is Chiropractic effective for pregnancy? 

The ability to bring a new life in this world is truly phenomenal. And females are blessed to have this innate gift of giving birth. Pregnancy indeed brings happiness, but its course isn’t pleasant for all. However, practices like Chiropractic can make this ride an enjoyable one.

This article will walk you through the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy. However, before that, let’s understand the changes in women’s bodies during pregnancy. 

The 40-week course of pregnancy for most women is a roller coaster of Hormonal and biochemical changes. Women’s bodies face extreme changes during this course of time. Now, the course of pregnancy can be divided into trimesters.

During this period, pregnant women can put up to 30 pounds of weight. This physical change will result in a misaligned spine. Some of the body’s major changes include the increased abdomen and lumbar back curve and changes in the pelvis region. It will also have an impact on their posture and comfort. Hormonal changes loosen up the ligaments in a pelvic area, causing lower back pain. Further, pressure on the sciatic nerve leads to numbness in the back of the leg and foot. 

These are amongst the very few changes that a woman goes through during this 9-month journey. 

Now, how is Chiropractic relevant to pregnancy?

Well, Chiropractic identifies spinal misalignments and corrects them using hand manipulation. Moreover, it treats the spine, muscles, and joints without any drugs. A drug-free is very important for pregnant women as pain relievers are harmful to the fetus. 

Now, the misalignment of the pelvis restricts the space available to the fetus. It disturbs its growth and development, which leads to congenital disabilities in a child. Further, the weight gain around the abdomen region places additional stress on the spine. It affects the function of joints and impedes the nerve communication throughout the body. 

The majority of these problems are related to the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors address these disorders and help relieve the pain in various parts of the body. Moreover, it shows promising results for making pregnancy a pleasant experience. 

What are the benefits of using chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Think of all the problems women consider normal during pregnancy? Let’s name a few. 

  • Back pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Sore joints.
  • Swelling of toes. 
  • Knee pain.
  • Inability to sleep. 

Well, the list can go on and on. However, the root cause of all such problems is a misaligned disc in your spine. There is various benefits fo chiropractic that makes it a feasible therapy during pregnancy. It includes, 

  • It makes it possible to have a healthy pregnancy.

Chiropractic adopts a holistic approach to overall well being. Now, it addresses the root cause of symptoms and treats them through a non-invasive method. Moreover, it reduces the chances of potential pain and damage to the mother and the baby. In short, it makes your pregnancy a smooth ride. 

  • It strengthens the pelvis. 

It avoids misalignment of the spine. The sooner you start lesser are your chances of experiencing chronic pain. Through stretch and exercises, it strengthens the pelvis region. It stiffens the ligaments that are loosened by relaxin. Now, the health of your pelvis is essential for the overall growth of your baby. Hence, Chiropractic indeed is useful. 

  • It relieves pain.

It helps in relieving lower back pain, which is quite common amongst pregnant ladies. Apart from that, it reduces the nerve pressure on the sciatic nerve. It is the cause of pain in the leg and foot. Further, it also helps in relieving hip and knee pain. These all are common pain areas for pregnant women. 

Chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the spine, which in turn reduces pregnancy-related pain. 

  • It improves the baby’s position. 

At the time of delivery, the position of the baby is very important. The best position for baby birth is rear-facing, head down. Now, when you use Chiropractic, it helps maintain a healthy pelvic balance. It allows the baby to grow and move optimally. Hence, Chiropractic avoids the chances of breech positions at the time of delivery. 

  • It improves delivery and labor.

When your spine, pelvis, and hips are properly aligned, your body functions optimally. It reduces long labor hours and eases the delivery process. Chiropractic is perfect for women who wish to have an all-natural, less painful delivery. This practice reduces the need for Caesers. 

  • It makes pregnancy a joyful ride.

How wonderful is the process of bearing a life inside? Well, pregnancy is beautiful, and chiropractic practices ensure that the journey remains pleasant throughout. 

Is Chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

There are no recorded mishaps because of Chiropractic. However, opt for chiropractors that specialize in prenatal practice. They use gentle manipulation to treat the disorders of the spine. It is essential to avoid any undue pressure on a mother or a baby. 

But how do you choose the chiropractor? The same way you select a doctor, through reviews and credentials. Consult your Gynecologist before starting with chiropractic therapy. 

All in all, pregnancy can be quite painful. However, with proper adjustments, it can be one of the best periods of your life. 

As they say,” The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our life.”

The joy of birth-giving is all that matters. Leave the rest to Chiropractic. 

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